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Default Re: Ready to pull the trigger

OK. Got two more steps done this morning. Called the Lake Charles,LA police and asked about their motorized bicycle policy. Pretty much what I figured: they abide by the state law which says anything under 50cc is just a bike-no liscence/registration/insurance required. Then I returned my huffy cranbrook to wally world and got the schwinn that was suggested I get....well not exactly. It was suggested(above)that I get a shwinn landmark. The install on it for a first timer was said to be easy. I got the schwinn clairmont instead. It had some upgraded features but was the same frame as the landmark. Does anyone out there have a clairmont that they installed a motor on? Is it an easy install for a beginner? It was suggested that I get the front mount kit from sick bikes for the landmark. I assume it will work the same for the clairmont?
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