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Now for the first impressions. The Bike: Have to really crank the handle bar bolt to get the handlebars to stay put. The front fender only has one rivet holding it together. Two drilled holes and some pop rivets sturdied it up. The rear coaster brake is pretty weak. The front fork flexes a lot. The frame seems short and seat height seems high. However,I had my eye on the Huffy because the tires,wheels and hubs looked much bigger than the other bikes. With the low price,I could make all the mistakes from learning something new without worrying too much. The motor kit: A marvel of ingenious design, the Red Bat Chinese 2 stroke! Clutch and throttle like a motorcycle. The sprocket lined up perfectly with the spokes and hub making everything concentric. I bored the sprocket hub to go over the hub bearing cover. Had to bend the brake arm, countersink and put in flat head screws on the sprocket for clearance.
Built a Ridley style front motor mount, but it didn't work on the big curve front downtube. I took the flat steel kit motor mount and welded it to a piece of square tubing which in turn I welded to the frame.
Shortened the chain and then realized the kit tensioner not only was to take slack out of the chain, but to guide the chain between obstacles...The top frame tube is so curved I didn't think I could fit the kit tank. I used some high density foam with some spacers for the tank studs to bottom the lock washers on.
I also matched the intake and exhaust to the outline of the crushed gaskets after test fit.
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