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Default Ready to pull the trigger

I've been researching here and elsewhere for a week now and I want to run some things by ya'll to see if I'm on the right track. My first step tomorrow is going to be to contact my local PD(Lake Charles,LA) and find out what their policy is on motorized bikes. State law says anyhthing under 50cc is essentially a bike (pedal assist). I need to make sure if the bike I plan to build with a 48cc engine is going to cause a problem with the local fuzz as registering and insuring is not part of my plan. Once I get that issue cleared up my next step will be the right bike for me. I have a 26" huffy cranbrook right now and I've been advised to consider a different bike for a first build. The main point seems to be that the curve of the down tube will most likely require some modification/fabrication to get the the front engine mount to attach. As I don't have access to a shop or any fancy tools like a drill press or welding machine the suggestion I'm inferring is that I should go with a diamond frame. The other issue I see with the cranbrook is that it seems imperative that I have something other than the factory coaster brake. Again, without tools to fabricate, I would be lacking in the area of brakes. I checked out disc brake kits and they cost more than I paid for the bike. thinking is to get a bike with a diamond frame so the engine bolts in easily. Get a bike with brakes included (in my price range that probably means "v"style brakes but,from what I've read they're better than coaster brake only). I may try to find something a walmart when I return my cranbrook tomorrow. With the above criteria in mind I hope to find something like a cruiser but with a diamond frame and brakes. I like the sittin' upright feel of the cruisers. I've just not seen one with a straight down tube. I'll probably check out pawn shops and goodwill/salvation army(sal's boutique)too. Is there anyhthing some of you more experienced guys can suggest I look for when buying the bike? Like what to look for with motor-chain side clearance should be? I was looking at the grubee skyhawk 48cc engine kit. Any comments on that kit? Know any other less-than-50cc engine kits that are good?
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