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Default Re: Cool Tool for belt alignment

Thank you for the detailed information. It is going to be very helpful, I think. Fasteddy and I are going to be working on a pair of tribute Indian tri-cars this summer in Minnesota. I should say these will be "inspired by" and will follow some of design elements of the original Indians, but without original engines no real attempt is being made to make reproductions. The tri-cars were made from 1903 or so until at least 1910. The first ones were of the diamond frame type and had the camel back gas tanks behind the seat, like the two wheeled version. Around 1909 they were of the frame type similar to a Worksman Newsboy. Fasteddy is working on the front ends now, gathering parts and working out the design. Curtis Fox is making leaf spring front forks for the two wheeled version. The idea is for the two wheels in front to be removable so the bike is convertible from three wheel to two. So, sometimes a three wheeler with the two wheels up front and sometimes running a sidecar as a two wheeler. It is an ambitious undertaking. By mid summer we'll have the 98cc 2 stroke Villiars engines and are in agreement that belt drive would be very cool. even though the early Indians were actually chain drive. So the information you are sharing here is much appreciated and timely. Many thanks...
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