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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Fixed broken motor mount.

Yesterday I was riding and it started shaking bad, so I shut it down and looked. Couldn't see anything wrong with the quick look beside the road, so I pedaled home and let it cool off. Motor was loose and I started checking the bolts. One of the grade eight 6 mm socket head cap screws was sheared off right at the engine case.

Got the spacers and the screws out (used the dremel slot cut trick) and I noticed a gap. Made up some new spacers to fit perfectly and got some more cap screws. Installed and locktited everything.

Took it out and everything worked great. Until I got 100 feet from home and it died.

I checked and the tank was dry, I ran out of gas.

That's the best breakdown I ever had on this thing.
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