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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

HA since my last post on the Grubee 66 cc that I mounted the Manic Mechanic straight ported intake on it has rained continuously. I finished making the gasket for the intake, head and jug yesterday and sealed them up with Iindian Head shellac and reassembled everything yesterday but because of the rain I only got the bike started for short wet runs and found it to be very strong as to its previous state.

Today I got a break in the rain and actually got to take about a 5 mile ride down 741 hwy and this time I thought to bring my GPS to measure top speed. I knew I was going fast but got a lump in my throat when I checked it. Flat and level top speed was 38.4 mph.... Previous best speed was about 32.

If you have a Grubee 66 cc that is well broken in and a good CNSv1 the new intake is awesome and well worth a shot. Right now I am running a 48 tooth sprocket and cant wait to see what it does with the 44 tooth... And the right angle pull fix I did worked flawlessly.

Just amazed I am now ready for a really nice day to ride.

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