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Default Re: Help!!!!!! Confused!!!

Almost any bike will work if you want it to. Just check the weldings and make sure they are good. Most bikes in the 400 or less range are going to be your standard frames. I always check Craigslist and rummages, also thrift stores. If you are looking for a steel frame just carry a small magnet on you. Like the ones on the back of a refrigerator magnet and just hold it up to the bike and if it sticks you found steel. I do not remember the last time I bought new lol. Also when you add your motor (which ever one you decide) I would suggest adding some type of added support never know what you may hit in the woods lol. (my cheap way) You can usually find a chunk of steel in an "L" shape, also you can get the steel beam at any hardware store just have them cut it or you can cut it with a hacksaw, measure the underside of the engine where you want it. Then just drill two holes for a "U" bolt and snug it up under the engine on the seat post. (expensive way) make a cage for your motor lol depends on what you mean by "something that will hold up in the woods"
hope this helps
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