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Default Re: Hello, extreme newbie needing advice here!

Thank you for your replies everyone!
Several have suggested electric.
Thank you to Radmanfly for the link.
Does anyone have information on an electric motor that could be added to my bike? Is this even possible?
I could probably get away with a gas motor. I live in a large Dallas suburb, right next to DFW Airport in fact, and I don't think the police would mess with me. I have consulted 3 police officers (lots of them use the train too!), and they all seem to be of the opinion that Federal laws would apply to a 49cc motor, since there are no specific Texas laws in regards to a gas motor powered bicycle. But they also say it would be up to the mood and opinion of the officer were I to get stopped.
I don't wanna be an outlaw granny on a pink bike!!!
I have not ruled it out, but I would like be informed about both options.
Thank you so much!
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