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Default Re: If you had $300 and a mountain bike...

Originally Posted by Jemma Hawtrey View Post

I would try and get hold of a GEBE mount kit & sheave secondhand and then get a tuned engine from GEBE kits come in either 52mm or 78mm clutch sizes.

you might have to look for a while, but that would be the best of the best.

Other options include a 2 stroke CIF kit such as the dax 2-strokes and such and then get a shifter kit to go with it, so you would have a manual 5/7 speed motorcycle.

It depends if you want bombproof reliability - because if you do you will need to pay a premium.

hope that helped

Jemma xx

I checked out the Daves Motors website, and man... do they have some powerful small engines... I am not really sure what a Gebe kit is..?

Yeah I will check out dax..

Well I am willing to work on my engine as much as needed so reliability isn't really a big concern.
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