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Default The luckiest break EVER!

Hi guys,
This morning I woke up and I knew it was going to be a good day. I got on facebook and I talked to a buddy of mine, Billy, who I knew had at least one motorized bike. I got to talking to him about whether he'd sell it, and he said he would sell it and a whole bunch of parts to me for only $75. The thing was and is ugly and still needs some love. I put a good throttle on it that came in another kit, I swapped out the cdi I with a better one I had, I put in an ngk spark plug I had laying around and after some adjusting the brakes, I was ready to go. It turns out that this is a 68.5cc, as big as they come! It had A LOT of power right from the start, but it also had a "lumpy" ride to it. I think the wheel bearings are shot and the wheels are misaligned. The engine runs GREAT when it is off the ground and I can throttle it up, but there is that "lumping" that happens, I think the rear axle might even be bent, but I don't really care that much, I have all kinds of bike parts and engine parts lying around so I'll be able to fix it, I know! As if one working bike for that price wasn't good enough, I also got a sick bike parts expansion chamber and a kings sales and service 27 tooth sprocket! On closer inspection I realized the "donor" bike that Billy got that he gave to me had a teflon coated clutch cable and a working speedometer. It also has better brakes than the running one so I think I'll do a swap. The engine on the not-working bike is not seized, and looks good in the cylinder, so I think it will be a good source of parts as well! He also gave me bags of parts, I have washers, cable knarps, derailures, shifters, bolts, ball bearings, and three other sprockets! It's like Christmas, what a good day!

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