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Originally Posted by lisala433 View Post
Thanks Jemma,
Nope was running fine actually,was road testing a new mikuni 18mm carb my boyfriend installed...sounded great but a little short on torque,mid range was great....was testing on highway up and down 30degree hills at about 20mph...power was down a little from the chinese carb....lisa
Now things start to become clear... it sounds as if the new carb was running the engine lean enough to damage it but not lean enough to wreck it immediately... more breathing would mean more power, but if the engine was down on power it sounds like it could be running lean - the plug wouldnt show this immediately... it might even be that you were getting blowby from the carb or gaskets to air - which would make the engine run lean as well.. Would I be right in guessing that it gave up and started sounding rough when you'd opened it up to full speed?

What I do before I make a major change is take the plug out of the motor and clean it off gently with a brass wire brush in the dremel I have. This means that I effectively have a clean/new plug. The idea being that if its showing as running lean after my test road, then I have done 1 mile or so and know theres a problem not 5 miles and only know theres an issue when I hear a large expensive bang somewhere in the area of my right buttock..

With the tuned pipe I have the engine is much stronger on midrange, a little lower off the powerband but will wind out to 35mph on the flat now (which is 10% beyond the manufacturers stock speed. I have been checking its not running lean and it isnt .

hope that helped

Jemma xx
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