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Default Outlaw biker, Bikeguy Joe!

Hi everyone. I found this site by accident and I'm kinda glad I did.

I was ousted from the "other" MBc place for not kissing enough you know what and speaking out and speaking up for other being ostrasized for speaking up. Too uptight and control freaky there....

The "sherriffe" didn't like me there, but that's his problem. I know "they" are big on whining about plagerisim and "borrowing, but they still have all my stuff up on their site even though I asked 'em to remove it long ago.

So, I'll pop in here once in awhile and try to lend a hand with my experiences, which are considerable, and I'll post some pictures of my bikes and exploits too.

I'm a mod at another (very laid back and cool) motorbike site, the name of which I won't divulge unless the mods and admin here say it's O.K. Maybe we can network.

Peace to all and to all a good ride.
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