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Default Re: Gas Friction Drive list

Look you have to understand friction drives are some what of an anycronism, but they are charming. They are never going to be fast, maybe 30mph tops. What they are are smooth, and generally quiet, the 2stoke industrial engines being the exception. Unless the engine is of large HP hill climbing is not a strong point. BUT, they are simplicity at is best. I doubt the expenditure on rollers will exceed the $ thirst of the china girl concept. All that being said, I think the 4stroke concept is the most viable. I dont know who is the maker of the kit I have but it looks similar to the DAX kit. but more elegant. For $299 maybe it to high of $, but it was easy to get(all in one box) the engine is new and the ebay format(paypal) gives some recourse. If you are a seasoned bike builder, you realize some degeree of skill is going to be required to get any bike up and running. The fact that all these kit look similar indicates the common denomiator of simple design. Anything more complex is defeating the elegance of friction design which is simplicity.
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