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Default Re: have REAL power loss now!

what type of carb we talking about what type of spark plug and its gap and fuel mix.
Is the carb air cleaner clean is the choke off?
checked for air leaks? is the intake manifold gasket blocking the intake?
Did you try an o-ring to seal the carb to the intake which I think is the wrong thing to do is so is it still in place and not sucked into the engine.
your exhaust gasket restricting the port?
head bolts tight?
no leaks around the head or cylinders base?
do you still have the old carb? will it wok any better?
some of the carbs needles are not tapered correctly if at all mic top middle and bottom let me know your reading if you can. Pablo send me his problem child carb that I got to working correctly then sent it back to him.
just some of the things that you can check that might be causing your problem.

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