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Default Re: Is there a difference between the skyhawk and the starfire

I have a BGF slant 66cc on one bike that has a 36T sprocket on it, I just got back from a ride in which I had my GPS on the bike it will hit 39MPH topped out, it's on a Huffy bike that is the same frame as the Cranbrook.

On my newest build that I just got up and running a couple days ago I have a 66cc engine that has the straight plug head on it, it has the same manic intake, carb jetted the same, and is on a simular cruiser bike that rolls just as easy as the huffy, only difference is the huffy has my home grown exhaust on it and the new build has a SBP expansion chamber on it and I used a good exhaust gasket on it and not that aluminum gasket that just has a little round hole in the middle of it, this new build has a 34T sprocket and all I can get out of it on the GPS wide open is 31MPH, I'm hoping that once I take some material off the head and smoothe up the ports on it like I did the slant head engine it will pull even better and will hit that 39MPH mark as well, if not it will come off and I will be getting another engine for it, I have big plans for this bike and the 31MPH WOT just aint gonna cut it for me, the torque on this engine is great, pulls hills just as good as the slant, but it just goes flat after 31MPH and will not turn a single extra RPM even going down a hill, it just quits right there and maintains that speed for as long as I want but I want a bit more out of it.....

Ya'll know how it is......we gotta milk it for all it's worth and then just a tad more if possible, thats what makes these little engines so dang much fun.....!

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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