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Default Re: Beginner fork and handlebar question

i did a search and found this

Post: #9RE: Frozen stem
There may be one other way. I am not sure of how an Apollo is set up or made, if you can take the stem bolt completely out then try this. Turn the bike upside down with a way to support it from the handlebars from touching anything, spray it again with Liquid Wrench, find a wooden dial rod long enough to fit all the way down inside the fork tube to touch the bottom of the stem/wedge. Also make sure the dial rod is wide enough in diameter to just fit inside. From this point take a rubber mallet and hit it a few times. Turn it over again tap where the stem bolt would go. Repeat these processes a few times. My view is that if the wedge is not being held in place by the bolt and only by rust/corrosion then it will come free.

from here Frozen stem - Bicycle Repair Forums

and it worked. Unfortunately, i was so focused on removing the fork that I din't compare the head tubes of each bike. I found out the harder way that they aren't compatible. Darn.
Thanks for the help.


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