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Default Starting at square one

Hey. I'm absolutely new to all this. I've been reading different threads for a few days now and I am becoming familiar with this site. My original plan was to upgrade from my 26" huffy cranbrook (wal-mart $89) to a more "solid" bike and install a motor. From what I've read there are people successfully putting engines on these cranbrooks so I may stick with it if it will save me money. It was suggested that I search for my answers before asking questions that have already been asked. I've been searching for three days now and I still have the same questions. What is the easiest 49cc motor to install on a cranbrook? I don't have access to a shop or a lot of tools so the least amount of modifications the better. What do I NEED to do, if anything, besides installing the motor(upgrade forks or rims/ install something other than the coaster brake etc.)?
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