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Default tachometer setting

Hi Folks,

Need your thoughts - I just bought an ENM tachometer (Northern Tool) so I wouldn't run the risk of overreving my titan 2.5hp engine. This is a thatsdax rear mount chain drive setup 5:1 gearbox, 10tooth sprocket, 48tooth sprocket, 26 inch wheel.
The tach was set to firing once per revolution out of the box. Just tried it and it shows 7800 +- rpm's going my normal cruise speed of 24 mph. My max mph is just at 30mph. Either I need to set the tach to some other setting or I will be buying a new engine rather soon. The other settings are 1)spark plug fires twice per revolution or 2)every other revolution. I guess the other possibility is that the tach is not reliable at all - but I have read good reviews about this instrument. Anyone have/had experience with this tach and 4 stroke engine's? Thanks
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