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Here in Texas Warm to Hot dry climate I have had to solder and redrill all of my carb jets to get my engiens tuned properly all of mine are redrilled with a size #73 wire gauge drill bit and this is what it took to get my plugs the right color and to stop the constant 4 stroking and cutting out a bit on the hills at times.

I also use Opti 2 and mix it 1.8 oz's of oil per gallon of fuel and my engines run great on it.

The proccess of soldering up the jet and redrilling it is very simple, no need to buy new jets unless someone has no tools to do the job, in the beginning I didnt have any wire gauge bits either, all I had was down to a #69 bit which was way to big so for just a few bucks I ordered a small set so I could redrill my own jets.

None of my engines would be running worth a flip if I hadn't rejetted them......

Bairdco, I dont what you are doing different.........LOL

After bumping the compression way up on one of my engine and also having a good free flowing exhaust. I still had a overly rich mixture, I moved the clip up on the metering rod and still it was too rich, it run good on hills 99% of the time but 4 stroked it's buut off on the flats and even on slight inclines, now it only 4 strokes a tad at the lower slower cruise speed RPM's and has much more power than it did before I resized the main jet.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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