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Default Re: New Bike, New Engine, few questions...

Hey, mapbike.

Thanks again for the continued advice. Although I am new to this, I've been trying to do my homework, and my first build now has about 500 mi on it and just keeps running better, so there's that.

My second build is going to be on a Cadillac commuter bike with 29 in wheels and a NuVinci hub, all stock from the factory. I got a great deal on it, new, so I hope Cadillac isn't feeding me an old model hub... SURELY not, yeah? Yeah. Had to jump on it, tho, thinking what 29 in wheels, a tall sprocket on the jackshaft, and that hub could do for performance. It could go and go.

I am already planning on the studs/bolts uprade from SBP, and their HD jackshaft, and their expansion chamber - and, since you suggested it, the ported billet intake, although the standard intake fits my NT carb well. Maybe it'll breathe better. And I just learned about ethanol and the synthetic oils, so we are definitely on the same page there too.

As for alignment, who knows what a headache that is going to turn into, but it has been done.

You suggested a 66cc engine, and again I agree. That hub could benefit from it. But I wouldn't be any good trying to lie to the cops, and anyway, I'm from the old VW school, the less torque on your parts the better, and it applies here more than ever.

Trying to get up to speed here, thanks for the push!
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