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Default Re: New Bike, New Engine, few questions...

Your very welcome superbob,

There are fella's on here that know more than I, but what I've shared here in the (Mini Book) LOL! is what I have done myself and it has worked great for me so, it should for sure give you a good starting point and then you can work out your build from there, each engine has it's own character so there really isn't a perfect everytime one size fits all in the tuning of these engines teh same as any engine, but there are some improvements that are farely universal for maybe 98% of them.

I hope you can use these steps to get a good, powerful, reliable engine up and going on your bike, just make sure these three things are done right and you will be on your way......

1. high quality mounting studs, installed with (BLUE) loctite and nyloc nuts.

2. make sure rear sprocket is properly aligned with engine, if the build is on a 26" beach cruiser frame like a Huffy or Schwinn, I recommend using 26X1.95 or 26X1.75 tires and NOT the WIDE 26X2.25 balloon type tires, I like to use a flat sprocket on the rear instead of the dished type and your chain alignment will be great, if you do use the dished sprocket, mount it to where the sprocket teeth are inward toward the wheel and not so it offsets the sprocket teeth outward, and you should still have a good set up, I have a 36T on one bike and a 34T on the other and they are just flat sprockets without a dish and they line up perfect with no chain issues on either, I also have a bike with a 41T dished sprocket with the teeth inward toward the wheel and it has good alignment with no issues either, chain alignment is very important......I cant stress this enough.....!

3. To break the engine in I would run about 3 ounces of Opti 2 oil per gallon of gas until you have used the entire gallon of fuel before I did anything (tuning) to the carb. and then after that I would mix a gallon of gas with 1.8 oz's of the Opti 2 and then after that I would install a NGK B6HS Spark Plug, go on a 4-5 mile round trip ride @ maybe 1/2 to 3/4 throttle ( dont run wide open the entire way IMHO) and then when you get back let it rest for about 15-20 minutes and then take out the spark plug and see what color it is and use that to start leaning the engine down if needed, ( most do need to be leaned up a bit from my experience ), if you dont use Opti 2 oil I would do the breakin at 32:1 and then do my tuning with a 40:1 mix if you go with a cheaper conventional 2 stroke oil, BUT......I HIGHLY RECOMMEND OPTI 2, BEST OUT THERE IN MY OPINION.

I truly hope I have given you advice here that will help save you some troubles and get you riding asap.....

Happy safe building & riding wishes....Peace

Originally Posted by superbob View Post
Hey, thank you, mapbike. My new bike is on the way, and I'm going to try what you said. It all makes perfect sense.

Thanks again.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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