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Default Re: Beginner fork and handlebar question

Originally Posted by fett View Post
Ok. I removed that bolt entirely, and still couldn't take it apart. Perhaps the stem is just stuck in there. I may have to try some rough persuasion. Thanks.
You don't need to be rough. The wedge that 42Blue mentioned is just that; A wedge. You'll see how it works after you get it apart. Loosen the bolt that goes down through it, back it out a few turns then give it a sharp wrap with a hammer. You can protect the head of the bolt with a block of wood or use a plastic headed hammer. It usually doesn't take much. You could also spray a little penetrating oil down the bolt hole. That might help a little. Whatever you do, don't beat it to death. Just a few taps should break the hold the wedge has inside the steerer tube. It is just a friction fit. Rust will make things more difficult.
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