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Default have REAL power loss now!

Well, while trying to trouble shoot and find out why I have a loss of power since changing carburetors, I now have a serious loss of power. I got a recommendation from a post about a replacement plug and I went to the local NAPA and got it yesterday. I road it around a little bit then put it up. This morning I got my bike out and went about 300 feet and the spark plug blew through the top of the head!

Don't know what the extent of the damage is.... don't even want to think about that at the moment (smile). But I am wondering what it is. Am I going to need a new engine?... a new head? I don't know much about these little engines. Just enough to get into trouble.

well..... I just wanted to "share" my morning with you all. Thanks for listening and I would appreciate any help in how much damage I might have done.

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