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Default Re: Beginner fork and handlebar question

Originally Posted by fett View Post
Well, i took down the cruiser with no problems. when i started on the other, i ran into a snag. It appears that the stem is welded to the fork. Everything looks straight forward, but i can't remove the parts. It is relatively cheap bike, but even so, shouldn't it be able to break down?

I must be missing something. Any ideas? I can take a picture if necessary.

Both bikes have the same kind of stem, a quill stem. Both have a bolt sticking straight down, and the whole stem should come up and out of the fork's steerer tube after that bolt is loosened.

If you have loosened the quill bolt a few turns and still can't budge it, try tapping down on the quill bolt head a bit with a hammer. Sometimes the wedge will get stuck in the "up" position.
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