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Default Re: Why are these so fun?

Most of the guys on this board seem to think of their motorized bicycles as little motorcycles. I think of mine as a fast bicycle.

I am a life-long bicycle addict. I love bicycling. My motorized bicycle with its little 32cc motor still feels like a bicycle. I pedal it just like a bike. I get the joy of riding and pedaling a bike with the added fun of zipping around faster than any bicycle should be able to go.

I love the speed! Without a motor I pedal at 15 mph on the flat. With the motor I go twice as fast - 30 to 32 mph. Pedaling up a big long hill, I will have a long hard struggle at 6 - 8 mph. On my MB, I zip up the hill at a fast and easy 25 mph. Hills are hard on my pedal bike On my MB, hills are easy!

I love being the fastest bike on the road. Iím 68 years old now, but I can easily pass any of fast strong young bikers that I find on the road. I can pass them like theyíre hardly moving. Makes me feel like superman.

I love the extra distance that I can cover! A 50-mile ride is a long tiring ride on my pedal bike. On my MB, I can ride 100 miles in less time, I wonít be nearly as tired, and Iíll still be ready to ride more.

Itís just fun!
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