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Default Re: Is there a difference between the skyhawk and the starfire

this thread's actualy perfect for what i did today...

the firestone/raffle bike is completely done, and i rode it to the beach today, probably put 20 total miles on it.

it's got a GT5 skyhawk on it, that i basically blueprinted. match-ported the intake and exhaust, and even matched the transfers. the jug and the case needed a bit of grinding to match up. so, i basically made an awesome motor out of it.

and the thing's a dog. like, a sleeping dog, that doesn't move when you kick it.

it has no torque whatsoever, and it takes a while before it gets up to speed.

it runs really smooth, though, and it'll go fast, it just takes forever to get there. it's actually a pretty well running motor.

but it ain't no stump-puller.

on the other hand, all of my GT4 starfires, with the same work done to them, will literally run circles aroung the GT5. even without anything done to them, as in the case of my first motor, will clean the GT5's clock.

it's seriously such a more powerful motor.

so, in my experienced opinion, i've built 4 GT4 starfires, and 2 GT5 skyhawks so far. and while they're both good motors, the GT4 pretty much kicks the GT5's a$$.
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