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Default Re: I need help with something.

It's possible that you could do that, but this still doesn't address the other issues with the very small tire which will gear it very low and make it very slow......, you will still need room for the engine and will need to fabricate the mounting system....ect.....ect.....ect!

It all depends on what you are personally able to do mechanically, and if you have the tools to do all this or not, that would not be a project I personally would ever attempt, when I could spend less money and much less trouble and put that engine on a bike, but if you have the tools, the time, the know how, the money and the desire to have an engine on that little bike I say go for it, but if you cant answer yes to all the above questions....I say build a bike and forget that electric bike conversion idea.....

Just my opinions nothing more nothing less......

Best wishes, Peace

Originally Posted by Maskot View Post
the electric motocross bike i have has leaking batteries since a new set of batteries would cost $123, I just figured why not make it gas powered. I would flip the tire around and re-mount the brakes, would that work?
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