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Default Beginner fork and handlebar question

Hi, I'm Tom. I just recently found this forum, and it's great. I've learned a lot already. I don't know too much about bikes, just that I like to ride them But I do have the ability to motorize one.

I have two bikes. A generic coaster that basically looks like this. Yeah, it's a step through, but I like the look and I have it, so it's fine.

and this bike. the magna excitor

Among many things related to building my first motor bike, I'm thinking that I could take the magna forks and handle bars and put them on the cruiser. I figure it would help with shock absorption (cause that's what it's for ) and maybe the shape of the bars would be better for riding?

So, what would be the pros and cons of doing this? Sorry if this is a lame question. I'm really excited about this new project, but it is a new project.


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