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Default Re: Why are these so fun?

I think I can speak for quite a few members here who have been involved with some form of motor sport for most of their lives. Some have flown airplanes, driven boats, cars and motorcycles, none of which are getting any cheaper or less restricted by legislation.

There is a certain attraction to taking a vehicle as innocous as a bicycle and altering it to end up with a means of transportation that is unlike most of what you see out there.

They, motorized bicycles, offer a way to get from point A to point B in a way that is fun, inexpensive and attracts attention in mostly a positive way. Just consider the reaction that most people have to your bike and compare it with what you might get with a motorcycle or the latest thing from Detriot or Tokyo. They are completely unique and conjure up memories of our youth when sticking playing cards in the spokes or making engine sounds with our mouths was the closest we could get to motorized bicycling.

Every now and then I'll steal a clothespin from my wife, take a couple of cards from a deck and clamp them to my fork and pedal down the street. When I reach the bottom of the hill and have to pedal uphill to get back home I just let out the clutch lever and 'Varoom' a real engine starts and I'm doing what I always fantasized I could do when I was eight or nine years old.
What other means of transportation could offer me that?
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