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Default Re: most of you know

We were discussing a tricycle on a thread a little farther down. I have been thinking about it and out of the muck of my mind these days a few things surfaced. The first time I built a trailer to haul large batteries I was surprised how much more stable the bike was. The trailer even with only one arm helped to keep the bike upright.

So I got to thinking, what would happen if I built a trailer just to make the bike more stable. What would it look like. First of all it wouldn't need to be very wide but wide enough to give it stability. Bicycle wheels of course would be ideal. I have a couple of twenty inch wheels from junkers. Both are front wheels so they are free wheeling.

Those two on a lightweight pvc frame wouldn't add much to the power requirements of the bike. Since there wouldn't be much of a load on the trailer the tongues wouldn't need much strength more flexibility.

Yes i said tongues. Run two from the trailer, one to each side of the wheel. Building a trailer to stabilize the bike would be a lot less expensive than buying and modifying a tricycle to accept the gas engine. I could use the design i previously showed here. That would solve my stumbling problem also might help with the starting out from a dead stop as well. I also wouldn't need a basket on the bike for errands.

Okay think about it and show me the error in my thinking. There is always an error. I think it would look like this.
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