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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by fishguts View Post
Cooler than this?

hmmm ... so maybe a steampunked bike that isn't purpose-designed steam powered like this one, but more of a steam fantasy, Jules Verne version - nano tubes, gearworks, pressure vessels, and punked-out weaponry ... maybe something for the ground troops supported by the steam dirigible fleet?
I would like to see that... Something that runs off the kit engine, but made to look like it is steam powered. Maybe even use some colored lights w/ crystals as alternate power source?
Lots of dials and gauges for purposes unknown, and wood... I had an idea for a wooden barrel gas tank cover with brass bands.
You know, Fishguts, I had no idea that steampunk existed before reading this thread, you are partially responsible for unleashing my inner mad scientist. I started drawing a picture of my iPad converted to steam-power...I'll upload a photo of it and post it. It's a lot of fun!!
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