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Default Re: New to motor bikes

Thanks 2door. I will look into this dual lever option you are talking about. I sure need some more brakes! LOL! The back shoes only do so much even though they are the long shoes. Just got it back from my cruise and still have problem. Pulled the whole assembly off from the jug and found the right side threaded rod was in crooked because they didn't grind the weld enough for the washer to clear without cocking up. Hopefully this will explain why it runs good sometimes and then idles high like that. I did the full choke test while the engine was idling and it kept running, so I guess that explains it. Now that I have the whole carb and intake tube off, I sealed the ends and blew air from my mouth into it and it seems pretty tight. I hope this is good enough of test. I pulled the threaded inserts out, checked for true, and threaded it back in all the way. Then ground away the weld enough for the washers to seat right on the intake. They had a piece of crap paper gasket that was just disintergrated when I pulled it off. Copied it with a peice of cardboard and hopefully a lawnmower shop will have something close or just make it out of gaskeet material and some more IndianHead. Not very impressed in the manufacture quality of this little engine. Paper intake gasket? Misground welds? But everything looks good. I took a look down at the rod through the intake slot and it is colored brown. Is that a good thing? The combustion chamber and piston top look real good. Only a few deposits built up that came right off. Hopefully I can get some more miles out of this one still.
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