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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by Jitenchakun View Post
Wow, those pocket saxophones are great! I never knew such an instrument existed! My first reaction is, "What if there was a cover for the mouthpiece that pulled off & became a bell for the opposite end?" I guess that would be more of a cowl than a cover. Anyway, wouldn't that be cool? A fuller sound & a way to keep the reed clean(er) in your pocket!
Now, that's a pretty cool idea, actually. Hadn't thought of that one. The big challenge would be to have the instrument end up in the proper key with the right hole sizing and spacing. I spent a couple years developing these things and let me tell you, getting it all right is some kind of complicated! Basically, the length of the body determines the key of the instrument. The lowest hole needs to be near the end of the body, so a bell would make that a challenge to be sure. The hole can be moved up some but that changes the size of it accordingly. There would then be some complications with the other holes and potentially "voicing" issues, etc. Still, an intriguing idea. I'll have to do some experimenting with that one eventually ...

The pocket sax has a surprisingly accurate sax sound by the way. It uses a tenor mouthpiece and reed. I have them set up in the key of C.
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