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Default New to motor bikes

Well I put my first bike motor kit on my Schwin 7-Speed Cruiser. It is a BoyGoFast 66CC with a NC carb. It went fairly well, but had to add some pipe and I lost my front brakes to the clutch that had to take it's place. All in all I'm happy. I've ran about 6 tanks of gas through it so far and it's been a real pleasure to drive. I think I may have gone wrong, but I broke the motor in at like 24:1 with varying throttle no full speed, but was having problems getting motor to idle down and had to kill it before it ran away and blew a few times in the beggining. Then everything went well after that. I've been running about 40:1 since. The other day it started idling high and wanting to run away. I determined I had an airleak from the info I gathered here and just by working on other motors. No, I didn't do the starter fluid trick, I just assumed the leak was at the carb/intake seal where they give you no gasket and it's serrated? That sucks. I'm trying something different. I wiped my favorite IndianHead shellac around the pipe and just a little on the inside of the throat of the carb. let it get tacky slid it on snug and tightened the snot out of it. I noticed a tiny bit of oil coming from the head gasket seal so I also pulled the combustion chamber and cleaned it with starting fluid. Removed the plug and cleaned it too. It cuts the black stuck on stuff fast. And I just wiped it a few times with a cloth. Looks brand new again! The walls look shiny and no grooves. I didn't have a head gasket so cleaned and reused the old one. The old one looks like crap, has slight imperfections in it so guess that was like that from the factory. So, I'm letting thhe Indian Head set up some more just to guarantee no stray drop of it gets to the needle, and take it for a spin and see what happens. Hopefully I can get it to idle without either running away or dying like it was doing. There was just no happy spot between the two.
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