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Default Re: Will it fit? ;-)

Originally Posted by Hammond Egger View Post
Hi and welcome to the forum. The Avalon isn't a good choice because of the rear suspension. The only way to tell if the motor will fit in the other bike is to measure it. If you drill a hole in the chain stay for the tensioner try and have someone available to take pictures of "how you roll".
Will wait til I get my motor in so I know what my measurements needa that looks like the ideal bike, but doesn't have much in I know I will already have to slightly relocate the carb if it will fit.

How I roll? Elaborate please.

If you mean me personally.. I'm a baller on a budget.. (track addiction)

If you mean the bike, what am I looking for?

Originally Posted by DuctTapedGoat View Post
If you want to go over kill, get at least grade 5 steel bolts and replace EVERY bolt in sight. Don't drill "through" the frame for your tensioner, drill into it and just thread in a bolt.

While we're talking about drilling, don't drill through the frame to use the T-style universal mounting bracket, get the U-style. You will need one for the front tube on that frame.

Other things to think about -

Jetting your carb.
Alternative driven sprocket mounting. (clamshell, hd axle kit, disc rotor mount).
Teflon spray the inside of all cable housing.

Personally, I suggest to always remove the cranks derailleur, as they can jam up on the rear right motor mount. I've sheared one off before and since, that's the first thing to go.

As well, it can be done, doing a full ride/softtail motored bicycle, but - I wouldn't suggest it for your first build, stick to a rigid frame.
I forgot to mention picking up a u-bolt for the front.. Was on my list though...
Actually, I better start a checklist when I got buy this stuff.

Ok, I won't drill through it...just into.

Consider it removed.

I intended on upgrading the bolts. I just forgot to mention it.

It's an extemely simple carb. Do you know what size jet is in it and what size is ideal?

This is why I joined.. thanks people.

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