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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by Jitenchakun View Post
You sound like a very interesting person, Fishguts; so many diverse interests.

I do some mold-making too, both cold-casting & injection-molding. I'm not very religious, but I love to ponder the metaphysical.

I'm still in the design phase of my motor-bike, & very busy with work & other side projects, but will continue to check back here for inspiration!

I believe in disorganized religion.

Glad you're finding some inspiration here. I know I've learned a lot from the builds other people are doing.

Here's what I've been doing instead of working on the bike:

My pewter casting station:

Here's some of the stuff I make. In the back are pocket saxophones. The first of the brass Feadogs are in the front. There's one of my geared necklaces (gears actually turn) and some steampunk skeleton dude heads, dirigibles and gears/shawl pin backs. I gave some of the pieces an antique brass "patina" to see how they'd look.

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