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Default Re: New Bike, New Engine, few questions...

Originally Posted by Dr. Dognuts View Post
I purchased a slant head from rocksolid. I'm no expert, but it looks stock and untouched to me. I havn't needed to fit it, so no idea if its any good or not.
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Good luck to them if people buy their product, but I got into this as a cheap hobby, that I can do the performace mods myself on.
That's where I'm at too. I'd come off some money for a quiet, balanced china engine, but not too much. My first build has been such a letdown, there's a frustration factor there that would make make me crack my wallet to make it go away, if there was a proven product out there, and as I look around these forums I think a lot of others feel the same. That's why I say there's a market vacuum (that rse is shrewdly trying to tap into).

So I was tempted by their engines until I found out the shipping cost, that capped it right there, and I started thinking in terms of, well, a disposable engine. I mean, I'm no machinist, just an amateur mechanic, so all I can do is buy a 140.00 stocker and hope it kind of accidentally runs in sweet, and if it doesn't and it can't be reasonably fixed, put it on the shelf and try another one.

I don't know, but I have an idea that's how it was with all engines and machinery, back in the day. And China is still back-in-the-day.

So my next build is a bike with a NuVinci hub - I found one for 230.00 - to smooth out that sluggish, moody 140.00 engine and give it some power, economy and longevity that I'm sure I don't have right now with my stock setup. That and an expansion chamber, and I'm tapped out, no more, that's top of the line for me.
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