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Default Will it fit? ;-)

Alright.. member here obviously.

A little about me:
Full time student working on MBA/ helicopter mechanic/ part time motorcycle mechanic.
And this is my usual ride when it comes to motorized bikes. the story goes.
Seen a video on youtube, and realized I had to have a motorized bicycle.

Step 1: ordered a motor (66cc slanthead) from kings.
Step 2: started researching common problems on this forum.
Step 3: decided on a moutain bike for brakes and front suspension
Step 4: found one, but don't think it will fit without some major modificiation and figured I would ask if anyone here has any experience with this bike and if it would fit?
Plus, it has amazingly strong spokes and a beefy frame.

Another bike I like, the rear suspension kinda worries me because of the slack it could potentially give to the chain. Any thoughts?
Men's 26" Avalon Cruiser, Avalon Bike by NEXT -

If both of those fail being potential candidates, I am putting the motor on a roadmaster and being done with it.

As far as installing the motor. I fully intend to upgrade the sparkplug and wire even before the first run. I will locktite every bolt within site. I also intend to drill holes and safety wire every bolt I deem necessary for extra insurance. (overkill perhaps, but thats how I roll) I am drilling a hole through the frame for the chain tensioner, porting the exhaust/ exhaust gasket, and removing the baffle upon the motor's arrival.

If there is any other suggestions that I missed reading these forums.. feel free to speak up. Maybe upgrading the chain immediately? I have some spare GSXR sprockets laying around.. Would it be too much work to make them work? I haven't had a chance to look at what comes with the kit too closely yet. Yes yes.. I know.. Overkill.

That should be a long enough 2nd post.
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