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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
ok, now i'm really worried you blew yourself up...

haha just getting it back together now.

Just got swamped for Easter, that's all. I'm a clergyman in my other life and Easter is our busiest time of the year. That, and I hit some challenges with the other items I am making. I have several pewter pieces I'm casting and made the decision to start over and remake some of the molds to get them to behave the way they should. Had a day off yesterday and cast a bunch of pieces in the new molds and they came out real nice. Now I'm assembling stuff. Designed two-piece shawl pins (my wife has crocheted 13 shawls for the next show so far and I have to keep up!) that combine either a large open gear and a steampunk skeleton dude I sculpted or a gear and a dirigible flying machine I sculpted. Also, came up with a line of brass penny whistles/tinwhistles/feadogs that are turning out real neat. I casted pewter and plastic mouthpieces for them. Now that I'm back on track I should be able to get some bike stuff done ... I better - the show is next weekend!

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