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Default Re: New Bike, New Engine, few questions...

I've been eyeballing these rock solid engines, and I'm new to all this so I'll keep it humble.

1. Rock solid's claim is that they buy the raw, cast parts from China and do their own machining, assembly and upgrades.

2. It would just about be worth it to crack open that wallet and have a bunch of racing gearheads with a state of the art machine shop go through my engine, even if it is made in China. Just to have it do all it could do, and smoothly, and quietly....

3. All that should reflect in horsepower gains, so I asked them. They e-mailed me back that they are getting 3 hp from their standard 50cc engine @ 6000 rpm and about 5 hp from their stage 3 offering. And 12 hp from their water cooled (china) 50cc they are developing for later production.

4. Their standard 50cc runs 230.00. Shipping from Australia... priceless. No, just kidding, it's only TWO HUNDRED FRIGGIN DOLLARS! So a stage one 50cc chinaussie will run you about 450.00! 650.00 for stage three! May as well get a Honda!

Somewhere, I think it was on this site, there was a little discussion about rock solid and a builder commented, 'if they do half the things to their engines that I do to mine, and I'm sure they do... it'll run circles around the others.'

So where are the American builders who are willing to buy cast parts or at least tear down new engines and machine, balance, port, polish, upgrade, test, reject and replace? I know people are doing it to their own builds, I'd like to see them jump into the now-empty market with a china girl for the rest of us, one that purrs like it could, if it was set right in the first place. I'd come off some jack for that, even if it hurt a little.

And if you have an rse engine, speak up already. There aren't many reviews out there.
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