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Originally Posted by dag_29307 View Post
Dude nice bike! Is that a 26"? I believe you could get away with an in frame set-up, yes.
I would go with a slant head just to be sure. I have built two 24" Mtn. bike builds, and I had to use a short spark plug on my first one. Due to clearance issues with the Top bar. I have had no such problems with the slant head though.
thanks .. it is a 700 C size , i also have a Schwinn varsity 15 speed touring bike and it is a 700 C too that i have a set of racing rims and a set of michelin race tires on it that hold about 120 psi , the varsity has a Schwinn speedo on it and i have had it over 60 mph on the highway on a down hill grade on just pedal power , the whole time i was thinking what a mess i would be in if one of the tires blew at that speed, i use to could average about 30 mph on the takara 12 speed racer i had , but i am not 20 anymore , i rode the avenue about 6 or 7 miles today and danged almighty the hills hurt more than i remember, i am way out of shape , i am looking to extend the range a bit on the avenue with a little help from a motor , i might be able to get away with using a 25 to 35 cc motor , cause i am looking to pedal to get back in shape to ride my varsity tour bike .
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