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Default Questions for experienced cyclists

Ok guys I'm a 21 year old poor guy living in
Charlotte North Carolina

In my state 50cc and under motor vehicles not capable of exceeding 30mph are allowed on the roads here

I am considering buying a motor kit from Piston Bikes a site sponsor here.

They are very cheap compared to motor scooters (What i had previously)

So i was wondering this.

1.Will the engine last over 1,000 miles if taken proper care of and garage kept.
2. Is it practical to use as transportation.

I've had 2 scooters in the past year and they both ended up totally failing on me because of the cheap Chinese engines

The send engine with 3,000 miles i had ended up dropping the Exhaust valve and breaking the whole engine.....

So now i'm stuck trying to find new wheels with LIMITED money

So tell me guys. what should i do.
what would you guys do.
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