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Default Re: loving my first build and want some friends on here :P

More than happy to help out. These motors need so much work all the time it plays into a modifiers hands. Plus there's an aweful lot of bad information, too.

The opportunity to do mods really attracted me, I'm a hot rodder at heart. The motors come down the pipe choked off to meet whatever standards which leaves a lot of room for a varity of upgrades.

Got just one more thing: if you have a tap set use it. Many times the holes in the motor are not tapped to the bottom leading to pulling the threads right out of the block. Here in the US we have Harbour Freight, a internet tool house. They have a good Chinese made tap set in metric for under $12 American. I'm sure a tap set couldn't be much more than that in Auzzie Land. This involves mainly the head studs and intake and exhaust studs. Cheap way to cut costs, I'm sure they're doing it by hand so short-tapping the holes is a way to speed up production.
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