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Default I Need Advice on How to Mount my Motor


I bought a 2010 66cc motor kit professionally installed on a giant mountain bike for $300. The bike ran fine for about three weeks then the chain that controls the gears for just regular pedaling snapped off and was unrepairable.

Below is a link to pictures of the bike I will be discussing.

I met a guy at a grocery store that was on a motorized bike and told him my problem about the chain. He came over to look at the bike and saw I had a Murry Beach Cruiser that was in perfect riding condition and said he was going to take the motor kit off the mountain bike and put it on the beach cruiser.

Me being a novice and not having any knowledge about bikes or motors said go right ahead. He asked for $50 before he started working so I gave him the money. He started the task of transferring the motor kit from mountain bike to the beach cruiser. I stayed outside and watched him work for the first hour or so then started to go inside to watch TV about every 15 or 20 min.

Well he was pretty much completed with the install after about 3 hours. The way he had installed the motor was terrible. He said that three out of the four holes were the bolts go to mount the motor to the frame were broken off flush inside motor and he could not bolt the motor to the frame.

So he wrapped the motor around the frame with a metal fastener that basically looks like a metal belt going around the motor and the frame. I shook the motor a little bit and it was not sturdy at all and could move back and forth by a couple of inches left and right.

He had the chains, the throttle, gas tank and everything else installed correctly, but i told him this was no good.Well he said he was going up to the store to get some parts and asked for $30 so I gave it to him, then he left and I never saw the guy again.

I am going to attach a link below with pictures of the condition he left the beach cruiser in. These pictures show exactly how the bike looks right now I have not touched anything.

Any advice on how i might fix this would be greatly appreciated.

I can receive text and Voice mail at- 407-504-7782
I will call you back ASAP

Thank you to all.
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