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Default Re: Public Thank you very much too........

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Thank you Dan, I just got back up and running, we dodged a bullet here, but just 3-4 miles from us as the crow flies they got golfball size hail and high winds and a bit farther north west of us they had baseball size hail and a tornado, dont know for sure how much damage they got around us but I know they got some, that baseball size hail being pushed by 60-70 MPH wind will tear some stuff up real quick, it's that time of year for us here, just part of it, but I'm very thankful the bad stuff missed us here, we were very concerned.

God Bless you too Bro.

I'll be prayin' for you too. Stay safe, and stay indoors during the hail. Golfball size hail punches holes in stuff. We had some a while back that was on average a bit larger than golf balls. Insurance claims adjusters were very busy out here recently, I can tell you. (I saved one of the particularly large hail stones too, in my freezer. But it went missing soon after. I wonder if somebody here put it in a drink?)

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