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Default Re: Motorized Sidecar^^

Originally Posted by PedOpt View Post
K. I've got a trailer that my child has outgrown (she's 40 lbs) and I stripped the fabric which is what the weight restrictions are about, now just trying to figure a way I can mount a seat on there. Any ideas?
use wood maybe? i'd bet money the axle can no doubt handle more then 40lbs, use some self tapping screws, pre-drill the wood, and use the screws to mount into the metal framing.

just 1 idea. but using woods probably a safe bet and easy+cheap. a picture of the trailer would help no doubt.

drilling the tubes mite be avoidable (and would be preferable imo), could possibly drill only the plywood and make mounts for fuel clamps and use big fuel clamps to anchor to the frame depending how many places you could mount to, 4 or more mounts would be ideal for that type of set up.

post a pic and lets see what we can come up with.
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