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Default Re: Engine won't turn over

How fast are you moving when you release the clutch?

If you are just barely moving it will seem like a tight new engine is locking up when you release the clutch lever sometimes, you need to get up to a good speed and then turn that lever lose as your pushing down hard on the peddle and keep peddling, if the clutch isn't slipping that engine will spin over, but if you are just barely moving when you release that clutch you aren't likely to spin that new engine over if it's a good tight one like one of mine was.

I haven't read all the post here so I may just be echoing someone else and if I am I appoligize....


Originally Posted by pop-leon View Post
Wayne It peddles real easy with the clutch lever in but when the lever is released it is like the engine freezes up almost like too much compression. I can pick up the back wheel and turn it with my hand and the engine turns over. It is not as easy as some of my other engines I have installed.

Ron. I tried what you said. Every thing works as it should.

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