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Default My project [Suggestions]


I'm doing a project of a motorized bicycle, and I'm facing some doubts...


I could use one of those:

4 strokes engine with 2.8 HP (87cc):

Weight: 10kg
Dimensions: Approximately 20cm high, wide and lenght

4 strokes engine with 5.5 HP (163cc):

Weight: 15kg
Dimensions: Approximately 40cm high, wide and lenght

(Or any of the engines on this site)

Potência = Potency
Potência Máxima = Max Potency
Potência Contínua = Continuous Potency
Gama de Rotação Recomendada = Gamma of Recommended RPM

So, the max cc's allowed to a person who does not have an driver license to ride is 49cc, so I'm avoiding the 5.5's engine to not bring me trouble...

Does the 2.8hp can handle a bike well? I want to climb a little hill at around 40km/h


Caloi 24" with carbon steel frame:

The frame is too small to put an engine, so I'm thinking in those baggage stuff, don't know the name for it in english... Like this:


I've seen Russell's jackshaft project and found it interesting, I'll try to adapt one similar to his... I've made a very bad looking 3D version of the bike, unfinished yet, but just to give an idea:

Also, I have 8 cm between the wheel and the frame, and I'm afraid it gets in the trajectory of the pedal... Here's a pic


So, I have the bike and I'm willing to buy the engine and do the jackshaft kit, but I really like to plan everything before buy so I don't regret...

I don't have any experience on this and any tips would be real great, an 24" bike is ok to do it? An 2.8hp 87cc engine is suppose to handle it well with an jackshaft kit? etc
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