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Default Re: a couple mods I would like to try ....

Hi Jeff,

1) I suppose a front brake could be added to a cruiser type bike but would require drilling a hole in the fork for an old style center pull or side pull caliper brake....For a more hi tech V brake or cantilever brake you would have to have mounting studs attached to the front forks (probably MIG or TIG welded)....I think there is even a company out there that sells disc brake retrofits for bikes but I can't remember where I saw that....

2) A freewheeling rear sprocket would be great for friction reduction when not using engine power...only problem would be starting the engine if using the HT type engine.....I suppose a recoil starter could be added (mods required)....

I have toyed with the idea of a a bump startable (is that even a word?) freewheel set up using the Top Hat adapter....Basically you would need to run a disc brake hub with the top hat Adapter System....In place of the disc (there would be a aluminum plate (stronger than the flimsy disc) with a hole drilled in it.....the freewheeling sprocket (with a hole drilled into it to match the hole in the aluminum plate) would be mounted to the "brim" of the Top Hat Adapter much like a standard 9 hole sprocket....To start the engine (assuming a bump start for most HT engines) one would simply insert a "pin" to lock the aluminum plate to the freewheeling sprocket set up ....after the engine starts you can remove the "pin" so the freewheel will act like an overrunning clutch when going down hill (thus not having to pull in the clutch when going downhill)...I have not made one like this but I think it may work....only problem is having to not lose the pin!

We need some fabricators out there! ;-)

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