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Default Re: Public Thank you very much too........

Some people expect something for nothing and complain when they dont get it, but me...., I never expect anything I haven't earned and if someone is kind enough to give me a little extra something I'm for dang sure gonna let-em know I appreciate it, and when I get a chance I'll return that favor on down the line to someone else, a little to nice for my own good sometime......

I sold my old 69 Chevy C10 factory A/C P/S P/B factory tach dash truck yesterday, I paid $500 for it 2 years ago and then built a new engine, had a new set of headers still in the box, new mufflers, a new big block starter, new belts, new hoses, new brakes all the way around, new wheel cylinders, new master cylinder, all four new tires never been driven on, new cowling seal, new steering wheel instalation kit, gasket and filter set for the TH400 Tranny thats in it, new glove compartment insert from Classic chevy, new gas tank, new sending unit in tank new plumbing to engine, new rear seal in thranny, all new U-Joints in drive line, new carrier bearing on drive line.........woo wee....! thats a lot of stuff and money!

And guess what I did..... a gal I work with has a 14 year old boy who wanted an old chevy truck between 67 & 72 to build up for his first vehicle, he saw my truck and went nuts over it and had a little money he got from selling some show goats........ so I put all the parts in the truck, spent about an hour loading it up on my trailer and then drove it over to his dads shop and unloaded it.

I ask him for $500 and gave him the title, that is one of the proudest 14 year old boys you ever saw.....and he will enjoy it more than I ever would anyway and I figured he has enough done to it already to give him a good start, heck I got bikes to play with I aint got time for that old truck any how..........made me feel good to help that boy even though I took a pretty good beating on the deal......I figured aw.... what the heck it's only money and I aint got much of it anyway so why not help a kid out, now I can focus more on my bike my wife is happy to see it gone she dont think much of what she calls my junk....LOL!
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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